The Antonio Cassese School goes to Nuremberg

In the first week of November 2016, the Antonio Cassese Initiative has organized in Nuremberg a five-day course on investigation and prosecution of international crimes at national level for a selected group of judges and prosecutors judges and prosecutors from Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire and Mali. The course took place at the International Nuremberg Principles Academy, which was the main financial sponsor for the course. Here you can see the full content of the programme.

The selection process of the judges and prosecutors was crucial so as to identify those who in their respective countries have to face on a daily basis the challenges of investigating and prosecuting international crimes. In addition, gathering these judges and prosecutors in Nuremberg for one week helped to create networks which will facilitate and enhance judicial cooperation and exchange of information among their countries of origin.

The judges and prosecutor who came to Nuremberg made a fantastic group of people. Their enthusiasm, interest and active participation created a training environment inspired by mutual and reciprocal exchange. They actively engaged in fruitful discussions with the trainers on the current system of international criminal justice, and critically reflected upon the challenges and difficulties in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes both at the domestic and international level.

A special thank to our instructors who accepted with enthusiasm our invitation to go to Nuremberg and share with the participants their knowledge and expertise . Many thanks therefore to François Boudreault, -, Caroline Fournet, Jean-Baptiste Maillart, Alberto Perduca, William Schabas, and Harmen Van Der Wilt.

Also, many special thanks to P. Antoine Kaboré, Rachelle Kouassi, and Sâ Benjamin  Traoré for their essential contribution in the organization of the course and the splendid courses they have offered.

Last, but not least, many thanks to Marta Bo, for being such a great project manager and making this project a reality.

In the pictures, from above: Mme Rachelle Kouassi with the participants in the training; the closing day of the training, with Professor William Schabas; members of the Antonio Cassese Initiative team (from left: Sâ Benjamin  Traoré, Marta Bo, P. Antoine Kaboré and Jérôme De Hemptinne)