Antonio Cassese to Receive the ‘Mostar Peace Connection’ Award

Antonio Cassese has been posthumously awarded the ‘Mostar Peace Connection’ Award for his work as the First President, and later Judge, of the ICTY. The award is granted by the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation in Mostar and the ceremony will take place on 23 July 2018 in Mostar. The award comes in recognition of Antonio Cassese’s outstanding contribution to peace and justice in Bosnia and Herzegovina following the horrendous events of 1992-1995.

Throughout his presidency of the ICTY, Antonio Cassese made a profound contribution to the way in which international crimes are prosecuted. During his tenure, Cassese presided over a number of landmark judgements, the Tadic case (2nd of October 1995 and later 15th of July 1999) and the Erdemović case (7th of October 1997) are but two notorious examples.

By advancing the work of the Tribunal Cassese provided a crucial avenue to justice for the victims of the atrocities and a forum in which they could testify to their experiences, in appreciation of this the victims have also strenuously endorsed the Award.

The Mostar Peace Connection Award is testament to the respect and gratitude bestowed upon the work of Antonio Cassese by the Bosnian and Herzegovinian people and the wider international community. It is a fitting tribute to his invaluable work and an honour confirming that his legacy shall live on in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The late CASSESE, or just NINO, has left an indelible mark on international law‘ says the Center for Peace and Multiethnic Cooperation.

He was not just the first president of the ICTY, who laid the foundations of this great institution, but also a judge, professor and scientist, and most importantly he was a great humanist and a good man. He was a great fighter for justice, but also for peace‘.