Announcement: Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize 2018

The Board of Editors, Journal of International Criminal Justice is pleased to award the Journal of International Criminal Justice Prize for 2018 to Ms Talita de Souza Dias for her essay, ‘The Retroactive Application of the Rome Statute in the Cases of Security Council Referrals and Ad Hoc Declarations: An Appraisal of the Existing Solutions to an Under-discussed Problem’, published in 16 JICJ (2018) 65–89. The award is made in association with our publishers, Oxford University Press.

In awarding the Prize to Ms de Souza Dias, the Board was particularly impressed with the insightful manner in which she has dealt with the jurisdictional and substantive functions of the ICC Statute and the excursus to analogous problems within the context of inter-state cooperation.

The Board extends its warm congratulations to the author for a fine scholarly contribution to the theoretical understanding of international criminal law.